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LED Best Practices? LIFI pros and cons of geometry?

E-Shine Technology Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

After the world was created, God first thought is to have the light, so all kinds of Magic and the colorful light, as we get rid of the fear of the dark, enriched the monotonous world. Post-modern society was created people, people think of first is interaction information, so the cable transmission from the complex to the simple wireless transmission, from a few to several Gbit bit turtle speed, high-speed, iterative development of information technology, so that was while we dispersed World the country, but the distance between us ever closer.
Our information network for higher speed and more convenient access, endless demand for cheaper prices, forcing generations of communications technology innovation. From the beginning to now Beacon fiber, high-speed and efficient 'light' since ancient times mankind's most common means of communication into the digital era, how to get rid of the shackles of cable has been the use of light direction of research. As early as in 2004 Japan Keio Keio University professor proposed the theory of visible light communication, when the wireless optical communication research focuses on infrared technology, coupled with the improvement of LED technology but to LED as a wireless optical communication devices will came into being, Professor Haas returned to the UK from the LI-FI which such a ground gas name.
LI-FI Application
LED wireless optical communication on the one hand meet the current lighting industry popular niche, on the other hand it is also one of the high-frequency flashing LED innate qualities, the effective use of this fast binary coding of the light, and illumination itself is in indispensable presence on various occasions. All of a sudden, networking, car networking, smart home and other places of the LI-FI application areas and to enhance business value to immeasurable proportions.

Aspects such as precise positioning indoors, indoor GPS can not play an effective role in the next, to the precise real-time indoor positioning quite difficult. The indoor ubiquitous light source as a launch vehicle, when the user enters the lighting area, use the front camera smartphone to receive and recognize an optical signal, parse out the unique identification information transmitted lamps. Identification information corresponding to the determined use of the acquired position information in the map database, to complete the positioning.
Currently, under the signal stable, WiFi and Bluetooth based indoor positioning applications optimum positioning accuracy 3-5m; indoor positioning technology based on optical communication can be more accurately identify 两盏 conventional home LED lights under the arrangement, the precision about 1m. In mine operations, shopping malls, warehouses and other places, more accurate positioning of the light to bring about a qualitative change them.
Highlights a number of shortcomings and vice versa
However, the optical signal transmission can not penetrate obstacles, if any obstacle, transmitting information immediately stopped. Last year the exhibition on Pure MWC 2014 LiFi the team to show us the true light LiFi the Internet, on-site demonstration of Pure LiFi to a TV transmission of high-definition streaming video of the process, if the light is covered, the screen will stop.

Pure LiFi system
Secondly, the communication distance is limited, according to laboratory data show that reaches Gbps grade communication rate LI-FI, the communication distance between the receiver and the transmitter is only 10 cm, and the signal is relatively small scope of work, the two sides can not send and receive displacement too, since they could not shift too much, but do not put a barrier, so greatly reduced the significance of wireless, you might as well pull a fiber directly between the two?
In addition, since this is based on visible light communication transformation of existing LED lighting products, lighting and data communications to be combined into one, to a certain extent, cost savings, but the light signal interference between LED bulbs and bulbs to be solved, as the sole user the receiving end, faced with a different sender bulbs, how to shield similar disturbances affecting the development of LI-FI.
Still in the initial state
In my opinion prospect LI-FI, although wide, but most of the field can be replaced by other products, even than the LI-FI can achieve better results, leading to the many shortcomings of the current actual play LI-FI characteristic places not imagined and more, let alone for some time before the hot used instead of the WI-FI. Of course, LI-FI is currently in the initial stage of the industry, should be a united front within the industry is particularly important, especially on key issues industry standards and so on, do not be like other communication technologies such as Bluetooth as standard issue and delayed for several years, in Early R & D absorb a lesson to other communication technologies, early development of relevant communication protocols, special characteristics of their own, focusing on the biggest competitors in terms of things is the key application, ZigBee, Bluetooth is the LI-FI's.



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