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Four double! Lighting exports are still "potential"

E-Shine Technology Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

2015 first three quarters of China's lighting industry exports of $ 32.9 billion, compared with an increase of 8.77% compared to last year. China's lighting industry exports still maintained a steady growth trend, but the overall exports growth is slowing down, year on year growth rate reached its lowest point in five years. Among them, the export performance class and lamps light two plates can be described as mixed.

Causes of growth decline

There are reasons for the growth rate of decline following aspects. First, in 2015 the global economy declined most cases, under the influence of the overall environment, import and export trade has been greatly affected, many industries decreased rather than increased exports, but China's lighting industry still maintained a steady growth, and an increase also higher than the overall average, which proves China's lighting industry is still in a stage of healthy development.

Secondly, China's lighting industry has developed rapidly in the last few years, in 2011 China's exports to 15.9 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2015 over the same period China's lighting industry's exports has reached $ 32.9 billion, as a whole more than doubled, exports substantial growth in the amount of the overall base of exports growth will inevitably cause a relatively large resistance.

Finally, due to the current rapid development of LED lighting products, fast development of technological innovation, cost LED lighting products gradually decreased, the cost part of the LED lighting products have been able to achieve cost traditional lighting products. China's lighting industry exports in recent years, mainly due to the strong performance LED lighting products market share gradually expanding, but with declining LED lighting products, value-added products decreased, the lighting industry in China will cause some of the export markets influences.

Light fixtures mixed

In the light source products, the traditional electric light source products in recent years showed some decline in the export market. As of the first three quarters of 2015, the export volume of China's lighting industry is 9.34 billion, compared with 12.57% decrease over last year, exports of $ 3.84 billion, compared to the decrease of 12.49% over last year, various types of electric light source products in exports have decreased to varying degrees. It can be expected, with the implementation of the ban and the rise of the Bering consumer awareness of environmental protection, the future of the traditional electric light source products exports will further decline.

With the rapid development of LED lighting products, lighting products, our export volume and export value has emerged as a significant growth. As of the third quarter of 2015, China's exports of $ 25.55 billion lighting products. Representing an increase of 13.88 percent compared to last year, three quarters of 2015, fixed lamps exports $ 6.073 billion, representing a year-over-year increase of 2.43%, luminaries three quarters of 2015, exports of $ 2.955 billion, compared with last year over-year growth of 30.37%, LED lamps and lighting equipment exports 11.949 billion yuan, representing an increase of 16.32 percent compared to same period last year.

Future Lighting enormous export potential

Chinese lighting export market more than 20 years has been double-digit growth, and the growth rate higher than GDP growth, but the growth rate declining nearly two years, and will most likely be reduced to single digits. Although still double-digit export growth, but also showed a declining trend, which is mainly due to base growing, in fact Chinese products in the international market share is quite high.

Currently, LED lighting products showed substantial growth, particularly in indoor lighting bulb, lamp, MR16, as well as a substantial increase in the ceiling lamps, downlights, panel lights etc, and prices continued to fall, will inevitably lead to a new round growth tide. In the global market, China's future still have a chance. China is the world's largest producer of lighting products, exporting to more than 200 countries and regions, exports accounted for 50% of China's lighting products sales.

I believe the future of the lighting industry will continue to maintain the momentum of steady development, with the gradual strengthening of China's lighting-related enterprises in technology research and development capability, our lighting products will continue to expand its market share in the world.

Data words matter

● 2011 - contrast lighting industry exports three quarters of 2015

Since February 2014 China's total electricity consumption to reach the peak, began to show a downward trend. 2015 open annual electricity consumption began to rise in July and arrived at the bottom (-1.3%), started to rise in August (1.9%), indicating that the social economy as a whole to pick up the better.

● 2011 - 2015 and the first three quarters of the number of electric light source products export exports Compare

Electric light source products in 2013, the export volume and exports are showing a downward trend, exports decreased less, when exports decline significantly. In the first three quarters of 2015, China's exports of 3.84 billion yuan lighting products, has been less than the $ 4.27 billion in 2011, reaching the lowest point in nearly five years.




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