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1000W LED Floodlight

E-Shine Technology Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 04, 2016

Floodlight led ADVANTAGES


Three technical innovation
High power LED heat sink has perfectly replaced the traditional 400W to 1000W sodium lamp, this energy-saving cutting edge innovation fills the gap in the led heat sink market.
MIC LED’s four patented technologies: HDT, zipped-fin, compressed pipe making the high power LED heat sink lighter, easy to install, solid in structure, super heat dissipation.
Modular design, making power diverse, enriching product line.

Buckle FIN patented design
Heat pipe and massive aluminum fins cooling technology, efficiently reduce the temperature of LEDs and extend the lifetime of lamp.

216 ° adjustable angle
13 bracket adjustment point, the angle can be adjusted 216 °,finished lamp illumination angle freely changed.

Shade respirator design
Waterproof at the same time to clear the mist, to avoid condensation. Improve product quality, prolong life.

Reflectors reflectance of 92%
Reflective angle of 60 °/ 45 °/ 100 °/ 90 °/ 25 °, up to 92% reflectance.

Buckle FIN patented design
Each piece also closely spaced fins remain equal engaging, form a whole, effectively enhance the fin firmness, combined with minimum weight for maximum heat dissipation area.


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